Infant Massage Classes

Introductory Infant Massage Class

This class gives parents/carers an introduction to infant massage, where we focus on basic massage techniques. The class also includes information on which oils to use and when is the best time to massage.

Ideal for new parents, dads and grandparents.

A great baby shower gift or unique baby gift.

  • Private instruction (1 hour) - $95
  • Group Booking (1 hour) - $29
    (3 or more babies & parents)*

* Venue must be provided

Complete Infant Massage Course

This complete course covers everything you need to know about infant massage and includes:

  • The complete infant massage sequence.
  • Massage techniques to assist in colic, wind, constipation and reflux.
  • Information is also provided on the benefits of infant massage and appropriate oils to use.
  • Massage techniques for the growing child
  • Exercises to help maintain baby’s flexibility and assist lymphatic drainage.

This course is completed over several sessions.

  • Private instruction (2 x 1.5 hours) - $195
  • Group Booking (4 x 1 hours) - $29 per session
    (3 or more babies & parents)*

* Venue must be provided


Colic Relief

This one hour session aims to help those infants who are experiencing pain caused from wind, colic, constipation or reflux. Specific massage strokes are covered as well as some general information such as appropriate oils and when to massage.

  • Private instruction (1 hour) - $95
  • Group Booking (1 hour) - $29 per parent
    (3 or more babies & parents) *

* Venue must be provided


Information Seminar

Jane is available to teach professionals and other groups the many benefits of infant massage and how it can be applied to infants and their families.

These sessions can be tailored to your group and held in a workplace or conference style setting. Information seminars provide up to date information on infant massage and only provide example massage demonstrations.

Armed with the knowledge of what Infant Massage has to offer, families and their infants can be referred to a fully trained instructor and begin experiencing the benefits of infant massage.

  • Presentation (1 hour) - $85 *

* Venue must be provided


Children with Special Needs

Classes can be tailored to children with a variety of different needs including Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Asthma and Diabetes.

For more information please Contact Jane

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